Putting Resilience at the heart of your Employee Wellbeing Program

Brass Tacks Resilience Training

Our Resilience Consultants are all Qualified RQi™ Practitioners, passionate about helping our clients develop a culture of Resilience and Wellbeing 



Gareth Roberts

Senior Resilience Consultant

Over two decades in Life Sciences, Gareth developed a no nonsense reputation for delivering results in high-stakes commercial negotiations, developing teams with the resilience to thrive in this high pressure environment.

Working for Brass Tacks, Gareth specialises in providing mental health support services to the healthcare sector, in particular to workers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paddy Patterson

Senior Resilience Consultant

Paddy brings a wealth of experience to his facilitation and coaching, having enjoyed over 20 years in Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare as a coach, mentor, trainer and senior leader.  

His real passion is people and how he can help them develop, grow and become more successful in both business and life. CIPD qualified, winner of a National Training Award and subsequent judge of this competition, he has a strong background in learning and development.

Paddy is an RQi™ Master Practitioner and specialises in supporting clients with Change Management and Team Development.